Not Spring, Yet Spring Adjacent 

Today I took a large amount of thc edibles and walked the dogs to the Mt. Tabor dog park. I listened to my super special secret playlist. It was heavenly. 

Hello!, Mah Kids!

More Testing

Hello public.  This is Alicia checking in.

img_0773I’m working on re-acquainting with this blog business. I may need to figure out how to adjust the size of the picture for next time.  But, who doesn’t want a lot of Wind in their life?  BTW, did y’all (3 of you) see the video of Wind on the Facebooks?  She was a year and a half and cutting a rug.  Vv cute.  This picture was taken last weekend when we visited Grammy and Papa in Florence.  It was a great time- after I had to drive Hattie back to G&P’s house because she refused to follow directions repeatedly. Repeatedly.  Can anyone out there relate to parenting being the most frustrating job on the face of the earth?  Sometimes I am at a loss, folks.  I have coined this part of my life as my Heavy Lifting Parenting phase.  My dear Hattie.  Look closely at the ice cream mouth/nose.  img_0439Question to readers: Do I do the duck face the right way?  I have been practicing.


For Fuck's Sake!, Knitting, Snowflake Report, Stuff K Made, Trump is TRASH

Press Conference Analysis – Deep Dive

Dudes. That press conference.

I can’t. I don’t even know where to start.

All I can do is show you some knitting. I was working on it while watching a replay of it last night. The woman I take art classes from is having a baby girl in June and I’m making her a wee-baby P hat with the yarn left over from my big-ass-head P hat.

Yes my nails are a fright. I was going to go to bed and paint them last night but when I got there Z was asleep in mom’s bed. I have a dope new super dark color I want to try.

For Fuck's Sake!, Snowflake Report, Trump is TRASH

Book Your Ticket to Florida Now

I just read that Trump’s first 2020 campaign rally is this Saturday in Florida. What in Sam Hill is that about?  Turns out something called the Hatch Act would prohibit federal employees from advocating for or against Trump’s re-election, once declared.  So by declaring his candidacy early, he eliminates possible criticisms from within the federal government. Clever!

CNN says so.