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Hello!, Mah Kids!

More Testing

Hello public.  This is Alicia checking in.

img_0773I’m working on re-acquainting with this blog business. I may need to figure out how to adjust the size of the picture for next time.  But, who doesn’t want a lot of Wind in their life?  BTW, did y’all (3 of you) see the video of Wind on the Facebooks?  She was a year and a half and cutting a rug.  Vv cute.  This picture was taken last weekend when we visited Grammy and Papa in Florence.  It was a great time- after I had to drive Hattie back to G&P’s house because she refused to follow directions repeatedly. Repeatedly.  Can anyone out there relate to parenting being the most frustrating job on the face of the earth?  Sometimes I am at a loss, folks.  I have coined this part of my life as my Heavy Lifting Parenting phase.  My dear Hattie.  Look closely at the ice cream mouth/nose.  img_0439Question to readers: Do I do the duck face the right way?  I have been practicing.



Testes 1, 2, 3. Three? What fresh hell?!

We are getting the blog back up and running, in a new format, new name, same insane ranting. I’ve forgotten a lot of the Admin stuff, but I’ll soon get it figgered out and you’ll be able to subscribe so you get an email when we post something NEW and EXCITING.

This is Toad writing, btw. I’m also hoping we get separate author names so you can see who’s writing.

Here are some of the things I’m excited to write about:

· Insane Ranting, duh
· Art
· Books
· Music
· Movies
· TV
· Politics
· How gross Tomi Lohren is, duh
· Stuff I can’t say on the Facebook

I hope we get some readers and I hope you take a moment to comment. It’s so much more fun when there’s a communitahh.

OK – see you on the interwebs.