Hello!, Mah Kids!

More Testing

Hello public.  This is Alicia checking in.

img_0773I’m working on re-acquainting with this blog business. I may need to figure out how to adjust the size of the picture for next time.  But, who doesn’t want a lot of Wind in their life?  BTW, did y’all (3 of you) see the video of Wind on the Facebooks?  She was a year and a half and cutting a rug.  Vv cute.  This picture was taken last weekend when we visited Grammy and Papa in Florence.  It was a great time- after I had to drive Hattie back to G&P’s house because she refused to follow directions repeatedly. Repeatedly.  Can anyone out there relate to parenting being the most frustrating job on the face of the earth?  Sometimes I am at a loss, folks.  I have coined this part of my life as my Heavy Lifting Parenting phase.  My dear Hattie.  Look closely at the ice cream mouth/nose.  img_0439Question to readers: Do I do the duck face the right way?  I have been practicing.